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This G6GFINDR System uses semantic annotation to FINd and Recommend bioinformatics and artificial intelligence software. The expanded database refers to over 2400 pages of specific products and references.

The G6G Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software

The G6G Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software was the precurser to the G6GFINDR System. This directory lists data mining and additional software that is from biotechnology (bioinformatics) software and artificial intelligence (AI) software. Software product abstracts from both industry and academia are listed in three ways.

  • Software Product Abstracts by Application
  • Software Product Abstracts by Manufacturer (Company, Academic Institution, Consortium)
  • Software Product Abstracts by Name

The directory lists the product name, category, product abstract, system requirements, manufacturer, retail price when available, G6G abstract number and manufacturer number. For each manufacturer, their web sites, telephone, fax numbers and email are listed for subsequent contact. Listings in the directory will be descriptive in nature, and will not be formal evaluations of each software product.

In the Software Products by Application, products are listed in two sections.

(1) Biotechnology Software

Each product is categorized by a major biotechnology group followed by subgroups:

Genomics Software

  • Gene Expression Analysis/Profiling/Tools
  • Gene Expression Database/Tools
  • Genetic Data Analysis/Tools
  • Research Product Design/Tools

Cross-omics Software

  • Agent-Based Modeling/Simulation/Tools
  • Biomarker Discovery/Analysis/Tools
  • Data/Text Mining Systems/Tools
  • Knowledge Bases/Databases/Tools
  • Next Generation Sequence Analysis/Tools
  • Pathway Analysis/Gene Regulatory Networks/Tools
  • Pathway Knowledge Bases/Databases/Tools
  • Sequence Analysis/Tools
  • Workflow Knowledge Bases/Systems/Tools

Proteomics Software

  • Mass Spectrometry Analysis/Tools

(2) Artificial Intelligence Software

Each product is categorized by a major “intelligent” technology group:

Intelligent Software

  • Bayesian Network Systems/Tools
  • Data Mining Systems/Tools
  • Expert (Knowledge Based) Systems/Tools
  • Fuzzy Logic Systems/Tools
  • Gene Expression Programming Systems/Tools
  • Genetic Algorithm Systems/Tools
  • Genetic Programming Systems/Tools
  • Neural Network Systems/Tools

See the directory.