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g6gTech, Inc. is a software development company that creates in-depth search products in the bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) fields. We have recently changed our name from the G6G Consulting Group to emphasize our focus on creating products.

New! G6GFINDR System

Powered by semantic annotation, the new G6GFINDR System searches an expanding database of bioinformatics and artificial intelligence software using a two-step process that allows you to fine tune your search. The system used the previously developed Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software as a core starting point. We will be expanding the database of searched products at an accelerating rate. All products in the database have been carefully curated.

Give it a try!

We are currently looking for a new CEO to replace our retiring CEO to carry the company forward. This opportunity is for an entrepreneurial person who has their own resources and will receive a significant equity position in the company. Inquire by using the Contact Us form.